Cotton Candy Bun

Hair Bun

All About Cotton Candy Bun


Hair Bun
Hair Bun

Create a beautiful cotton candy bun.

Hair category: Casual

Hair length: Medium or Long

Hair elasticity: Straight or Wavy Suitability

Gender: Female

Face shape:Oval, Round and Square

Hair density: Thin/ Medium

Age: 16-20, 21-25

Glasses: Suits with or without Styling

Styling time: 30 minutes

Products: Brush or comb, elastic band, bobby pins, hold spray

Step 1:
Your hair should be dry before you start styling. Properly brush your hair to remove tangles.Tie your hair in a high ponytail using elastic band. Spray your hair with a hair spray.

Step 2:
Flip your head and back comb your hair towards your scalp. Do not worry if your hair looks fuzzy this is part of the styling process.
Note: If you do not back comb properly the style might not work so it is important that you have perfectly back combed your ponytail.

Step 3:
Wrap your hair around the elastic band creating a bun. You can place your finger in the middle of your ponytail and wrap your hair around your finger. Mold the bun into the shape you desire and secure hair into place with bobby pins.Apply hairspray to hold your bun in place.

You have a beautiful cotton candy bun.

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